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Pick up an Interesting Topic for Your Student Essay

Student essay is a good way to check the students’ comprehension of the subject matter. Writing the essay, students should demonstrate that they not only have the required knowledge of the discipline but also they fully understand the topic and the issues raised by the given discipline.

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To write a good essay you have to select and organize the appropriate material in order to produce your own point of view and answer to the kea research question. Remember that in your essay your main task is to find the answer to the research question. Essays which do not demonstrate the solution of some problem present no scientific value. That is why never try just to restate the known facts. You should create your own view based on the background information. Essays in which students merely plagiarize what others have said do not demonstrate knowledge of the topic. Such essays usually get rejection from the checking committee.

Choose the topic or the research question for your essay. Think if the following question has reasons for investigation. When you have evaluated the significance of the topic, try to find relevant proves that show that your topic is the best among the list of other topics. Try to define all its merits.

There are different kinds of essay. And depending on the essay type you may discuss the kea question, compare and contrast the question, evaluate the research question etc. If you decided to compare and contrast the essay subject or subjects, so you should identify the similarities and differences of the target issues. Find several areas of similarity and contrast and then devote each section to each area. At the end of each paragraph write small sub-conclusion. The essay conclusion should comprise summary of all the sub-conclusions.

In narrative type of student essay, you should present a narration. Here you should organize a logical structure of your narration and after present your story to the readers.

No matter what essay type you will choose for your writing you should always research the material on the given topic. You should explore various sources of information for your essay writing:

  • Academic books that cover the general area in which the essay subject falls;
  • Recent issues, newspapers, magazines;
  • Encyclopedias.

While reading make notes, summarizing arguments and main points of the issues. Do not also forget to make bibliographical notes for every issue you use for your essay. Before you proceed to the writing of the first draft, you should draw a plan of how you will present your essay. You may write in the outline the list of main parts and subparagraphs of your essay. Below each paragraph, write its title and several supporting points or examples.

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