There are Several Research Paper Styles that You Should Learn

It Is Very Important to Know All the Peculiarities of Research Paper Styles

Students who write research papers should be aware of all the research paper styles. You may be required to use a certain style in your paper that is why it is better to learn the rules of all the styles. Besides, teachers while evaluating your research paper pay great attention to how you have formatted your paper.

The main research paper styles are: APL, MLA, Chicago, Harvard etc.

APA is the abbreviation for American Psychological Association. This style is very common among American and Canadian writers. Writing you paper in APA style, you should use Times New Roman or Arial text style. You should write all the words in 12th size. Number the pages of your paper. It is also sometimes required to put your surname at the top of each page.
Another popular style among the research paper styles is MLA style. According to this style your paper should be double spaced, written in Times New Roman.

The first page of your research paper will be a cover page. Here at the top in the left hand corner you should write your name, below the name of the instructor. Then the course information (name, number) and the date for submission should be placed. Centered, in the middle of the page, place the title. Do not underline the title. It will be also wrong if you write all the words of the title in capital letters. Do not put at the end of the title a period.

According to MLA style you should number pages in the right hand corner throughout the research paper. Do not use the abbreviation “p” before the number of the pages.

Usually students provide various additional materials in their research papers. If you provide a table in your paper, so you should label it with the word “Table”. Then provide Arabic numeral which points out the number of the table. If you use other visual aids in your paper like charts, pictures, photos etc, you should write under each visual aid the word “Figure” and its number.

If you provide in your research paper in-text citations, so you should be aware of all in-text citation rules. Write the author’s last name and the date of book’s issue. If you provide direct quotes in your paper, also include the page number where this quote is placed. If you cite the book that was composed by six or more writers, so you should write the name of the first author and after it put et al (and others). If you use several citations taken from several books, you should place references to those books alphabetically.

Chicago style is divided into old and new style. If you use new Chicago style in-text citations, so you should point out the name of the author and the title of the book. According to old Chicago style you should point out in the bibliography all the books that were cited and those that were not cited but you used them for the content of your paper.

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