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Research paper rubric usually shows the main criteria of how to write an excellent research paper. It is usually presented in the form of a table where the characteristics of exemplary, good, acceptable and unacceptable research papers are stated.

You may find the research paper rubric in the Internet or your instructor may provide you with the rubric for your paper. Reading the requirements for the paper, students may improve their writing trying to follow the highest standards of writing.

If you want to write an A+ research paper, you should state the main purpose of your paper clearly and terse. If the purpose of your paper is completely unclear for the readers, so your paper may be unacceptable.

You should present in your paper relevant material that completely supports the thesis statement. You should also demonstrate a thoughtful analysis of the relevant information and present your own points of view. Reveal your deep in-sights upon the research topic. Well-turned examples or citations may also improve your paper. If you provide just basic analyses of the research topic and demonstrate only a slight inside upon the research problem, so you will not get an excellent mark. But you still can pretend for getting a good grade. If the analyses of the research question is vague and you provide not valuable evident in your paper, your paper may be rejected by the checking committee.

Pay attention to the structure of your paper. This is one of the primary criteria according to which your paper will be evaluated. To write a successful paper you should arrange your thoughts logically. The paragraphs of your paper should flow smoothly and be connected to each other. Divide your paper into introductory part, research paper body and the concluding part. You may divide the main body into sub-paragraphs. Make sure that the main body sub-paragraphs are equally sub-divided. Remember the readers should see some logic and succession in the line of the reasoning. If the readers can not identify the chain of reasoning or there is no transition in the content of the paragraphs, so you your paper may fail.

Writing your paper also pay attention to such main criteria as:

  • sentence structure;
  • paper language and word choice;
  • grammar;
  • spelling;
  • punctuation.

If you want to produce a paper of a high quality, so you should write well-phrased and grammatically-correct sentences. Pay attention to the length of the sentences. They should not be too long (no more than 32-35 words). Avoid also too short sentences – they sound choppy and unprofessional. The language in your paper should be fluent, so one sentence smoothly flow into another. Your paper should also be free of any kind of lexical, grammatical or spelling mistakes. Correct all misspelled words in your paper before you submit it. If your paper contains a lot of mistakes and the content of the paper is obscured because of misspelled words or wrong grammatical tense, so you may get the lowest grade for your paper.

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