Photo Essay is an Unusual but Very Interesting Project

Make Good Pictures for Your Photo Essay

Photo essay is a project that consists of the pictures that are placed in a definite and successive order so they tell the progression of events. Pictures should be supported with the text, commenting each of the pictures. To write a good essay you need to have good pictures and a good idea as for the text.

This kind of essay paper is popular among photographers and journalists.

To complete a good essay you should:

1. Find a topic.

Try to choose some dynamic topic that will be close to you. Think also if this topic will be interesting to the readers. Sometimes you may be asked to write photo essay where chronological succession of events or actions is required. For example, you may describe the recipe of one dish supporting it with good pictures and your own narration. You may also write auto manual. If you cannot find a good topic for your essay then custom essay and research paper writing will help you to cope with this task.

2. Make a research.

If you know the topic of your essay, then start to conduct the research. For example, you want to write about pupils of the first grade. So you should visit those pupils, interview them. Ask them if they notice any difference while being in the kindergarten and school. Ask them if they like attend classes, what classes are the most interesting for them.

3. Plan your shots.

If you have gathered all the necessary information for your essay, then start to make an outline. Think what shots will better tell your story. Try to make pictures of pupils’ faces, their emotions. Try to be creative while making your pictures. Remember that each shot should reveal some idea and concept. Make many pictures so you have plenty to choose from. All the pictures should be logical and relevant to the topic of your photo essay. So when you take a look at all the pictures you will see the whole story with its beginning, the main body and the concluding part. For example, your topic is summer vacation. So you may start your introduction with the picture of the airplane or the person dreaming of the forthcoming vacation. In the main body, present pictures of the vacation events. And in the conclusion demonstrate the return.

4. Write photo captions.

In the photo essay the main point is picture. But still it is very important how you will support your picture with the words. Make sure you write the text that is appropriate to the meaning of the pictures. Try to combine your pictures with the text. They should complete each other. Picture will always produce an emotional response in the reader. That is why bare text without pictures will be not as clear as those with the photos.

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