Excellent Ideas On Persuasive Essays On Smoking

Persuasive essay on smoking reveals author’s attitude to the smoking issues with strong attempt to change the reader’s mind. It requires much skill in persuasion. Practically, persuasive essay on smoking is aimed at pointing some issue and convincing the reader to take some action in order to deal with this issue. As you can see persuasive essays on smoking is a complex composition with the challenging main statement. It takes some time and effort usually to come up with original ideas and to find strong arguments for supporting the main idea. Persuasive essays on smoking conveys strong message to the reader. There are few key factors which determine success of the whole composition.

Issues of Smoking

There are many points which are widely discussed when it comes to smoking problem. That is why, you are free to choose any one you like. It is easy to choose the proper point. However, if you would like to sound strong, memorable and if you would like to make your point, you should look at the problem from the other angle. Find an approach which would make the reader interested and amazed. Never repeat the statements that have already been said. You should be original. This is the main advantage of the whole essay writing process.

Appealing Arguments

Think of how many people suffer from smoking. I do not mean those who smoke but those who don’t. Try to think in what way the smoking is harmful to them. For example, second smoking is extremely harmful to non-smokers. Also think of how the other members of society suffer from smoking. It does not mean that they just do not like it. There are many arguments which truly convince the reader. It is not the point of the essay that matters but effective argument. It is helpful to make a survey among the people. In such a way you will collect as many useful facts as possible.

Why People Should Stick to Your Point

Practical effect is the most convincing element of the persuasive essay. When it comes to smoking health is the main benefit that those who decide to fight smoking will get. There are many other similar aspects. Appeal to the reader in such a way. This will help to convince the others and to make great influence on their point of view.

Possible Themes to Write about

Usually essays on smoking deal with side-effects of smoking, bad influence on health and environment, etc. Of course, it is a burning issue today. However, as to me it is much more effective to write about the reasons why people smoke and what is so great for these people. No one talks about it. You may be among the first ones.

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