Research Different Interesting and Philosophical Problems in Your Essay on Man

If You like Literature – Essay on Man Is Right for You!

Students of high school usually learn a poem Essay on Man written by Alexander Pope.
It is a very interesting literary work as it involves philosophical problems. At the end or in the middle of the course after learning this poem you may be asked to write essay on man. There is nothing difficult in writing this kind of essay. The only you have to do to complete a successful paper is to start to work on it beforehand.

1. Make clear what the deadline for your essay submission is. Even if you are allotted enough time for the essay, do not delay its writing for the last few days.

2. Read the original variant of the poem. It consists of four epistles. Write down all interesting ideas that you have read in it. Think what problem you may raise in your paper. Reading the book, you may notice that each epistle covers different issues. For example, you may take the topic for your essay from the first epistle and write about the man’s nature and its destination and place in the whole universe. The second part of the book dwells on the man as an individual. Another good topic for your essay will be the problem of a man and society that is clearly described in the third paragraph of the Essay on Man. The last epistle tells about a man’s striving for happiness.

3. As Pope’s poem is a controversial work, a lot of disputes and discussions were arisen around this book. So as a result you may find a great scope of information on this topic. Read the critics’ articles on this book. You may also look through the critics essays that touch the problems of the poem. Reading different critics on the poem you will understand that this book may be differently understood. Try to make your own interpretation of the book, paying attention to the problems of the poem that is not completely discovered.

4. Try to use information from different sources for your essay on man writing. Then you may describe the subject of your paper from different perspectives. While reading the original text and the additional material, it is better to make notes. For example, you may write down interesting citations or expressions as for the essay. Also, do not be lazy and write out the information about the sources of the information you use in your paper. It may save your time later. For example, if you need this issue again, you may give its data to the library assistants and they will easily and quickly find the necessary book.

5. Make an outline of your essay on man. Write the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. Pay attention to the grammar and to the language that you use in your paper.

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